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Shocking Photo And Story – Married Woman Caught P*nts Down Sleeping With Her Husbands Brother!


A Cheating Chitungwiza married woman was last week caught in a compromising position with her husband’s cousin by close

relatives. Auxilia Bhunu was found in the company of Paddington Mapfumo – a cousin to Auxilia’s husband, John Jaya Chakanyuka.

It was in the still of the night when the love scandal was exposed as some relatives were taking a sick relative to Auxilia’s house.

Paddington, it is alleged, took advantage of John’s love with his garden at the village and has been dipping his “joystick” in his brother’s “unprotected well” for some time, impeccable sources have said.

Paddington confirmed the incident which took place at House No. 5772 Unit J in Chitungwiza. The two, Paddington and Auxilia, were thoroughly bashed by John’s relatives and they had to seek medication.

“It’s all because of John’s love for his garden in the rural areas and leaving his wife cheating with his brother. Today we taught them a lesson. We became suspicious after Auxilia delayed in opening the door to give us keys to the dining room after we had taken a sick relative to the house around midnight. Paddington did not have time to dress up and he decided to hide under the bed, you know one of those old beds that our parents were using back in the day.

“The sick relative noticed him when he asked to retire on the floor and he alerted us about the presence of Paddington under the bed and we uncovered him. They both fail;ed to explain and we could not help but beat them until Paddington begged for forgiveness and apologised,” narrated one of the relatives.

Paddington said he was injured during the assault and later sought medication.

“I was heavily beaten after they found me having “food” at my brother’s house and they quickly suspected that I was cheating with her. I was eating “sadza” and when they started beating me they tore my clothes. As we speak I’m visiting one of my sisters in Bindura over the issue. I have informed my brother John who is in Sadza village, Chivhu, about the incident and I took Auxilia to the bus stop to Sadza for her to discuss with John about the incident,” claimed Paddington.

Auxilia could neither deny or confirm the love scandal.

“I have nothing to talk to you about the incident because it is not for the media,” said the alleged cheating woman before hanging her mobile phone.

In another interview, John confirmed receiving a report about Paddington’s beating together with Auxilia following the incident.

“My wife phoned informing me about the issue and I am still to hear from her because she has just arrived from Harare s we speak. I live in the village and she stays in Chitungwiza at our family house. Call me tomorrow for finer details after enquiring from her,” said the cheated John.




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