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Nigerians Expelled From Senegal Stadium For Displaying Biafra Flags


Some Nigerian football fans were on Saturday expelled from a football stadium in Senegal for displaying Biafran flags.

The fans were expelled minutes after they displayed Biafran flags alongside Nigerian flags at a football match between Nigeria and Algeria at the U-23 African Cup of Nations holding in Dakar, the Senegalese capital.

There have been protests in South-East Nigeria by Igbos who demand for a separate Biafran country. Biafra was also the name adopted by the Eastern Nigeria during the civil war between 1967 and 1970, after which a ‘no victor, no vanquish’ was declared by the federal government after Biafra was defeated.

On Saturday, the Senegalese football association officials considered the display of the Biafran flags at the Leopold Sedar Senghor stadium “a militant act”.

As a result, the Vice President of the Senegalese Football Federation, FSF, Amadou Kane, who was in charge of the organisation, ordered security officials to respond by tearing down the Biafran flags and posters and expelling the supporters involved.

Senegalese FA officials said the group took advantage of the presence of the media at the stadium to raise the Biafran flag.

Dressed in T-shirts with the Biafra logo, eye witnesses said the group “invaded” the left wing of the covered pavilion to flaunt the Biafran flag alongside that of Nigeria. They later displayed a large flag calling for Biafran autonomy.

The match eventually ended 0-0 with Nigeria coming second in Group B with five points, behind Algeria.
Nigeria will face Senegal in the semi-final next week while Algeria will battle South Africa.

Source: Premium Times




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  1. We are Biafran not Nigerian fans, the security seize our flags and play card, later they came back to and said we should remove our T-shirts which we refused, and said instead of us to remove or turn back our T-shirt is better we leave, no body walk us out of the stadium, we leave by ourself. so writer stop feeding people with lies, we have display our flag and the world have heard us. all the national Tv in Senegal captured the event and hope they will not edit the incidents as it happen.

    • It doesn’t really matter how u lfr, d important thing is dat u lft… without seeing d match to d end . Case close .

    • Please Mr jude or what so ever you called your name , you biafran should go and form your own biafran team,not going where the Nigeria team are ,been carrying out your stink flang.I quess you don’t even know what you guys are doing.

    • Biafra must stand, as for senegals u we see biafra stand

    • In fact I’m ashamed of you. When white people are trying to divide us for their benefit you are not realizing . in fact you guys are selfish and opportunistic people when Johnathan was in power no any ibo was calling for separation but now you are calling for independent look at those countries who are fighting and learn from them .united we stand divided we fall . if you are calling for separation then we will be like Libya or Syria

    • Do you know that, corruption, corporate exploitation, religious conflicts and tribal conflicts are all tools used to keep Nigerians and other Africans down?


  2. Up up up Nigeria one nation you MASSOB Or wat dr callng u if u pple a tnkn their is gain for fightng Nigeria let try nd c, nd u pple are bringing ur self back of political issue, Igbo man can neva rule Nigeria nd it will neva be divide.

    • U ar very stupid for saying that igbo man will never rule Nigeria. I am telling u with confidence dat not only an igbo man but an igbo woman wil lead Nigeria. Mark my worlds

    • @Abdulmutallab,who told you that Igbo man wants to rule zoological Nigeria?we want to Liberate our self from the zoo called Nigeria a country where animals are ruling,Fredrick Lugard brought us together during amalgamation 1914 now the amalgamation is over and Nigeria has expired Every State have right to be different,they should leave us to live on our own Discretion,not under someone haunting Dictation.they should let us go because Zoo is over due to brake.let us end this bound so that people will have fresh air & let the romance end. ..we don’t have anything in common,we don’t inter marry, different religions, different cultures, different languages,different food.biafra we stand that our identity and we are proud of it.hausa is afraid of division because they can not stand on their own

      • Who told you that the Hausa/fulani can’t stand on their own? It’s because of their self determination, courage, discipline, love of unity, that is why the are born to rule. Even wen d colonial masters came to Nigeria dey observed that the northerners have the own system of governing. With high level of managing masses with honesty n integrity.

    • We are not MASSOB we are IPOB oga

  3. u people r talkin trash..haterso of biafra.. half of those footballers r frm biafran land, yorubas r too scared of dis division. but I dnt knw y… Its just lik intercontinental bank nd access bank that merged. 2moro if intercontinental bank wants to pull out of access bank,that is after d agreement has expired. Won’t they be allowed to go? We r not calin for actualization of biafra. Rather we r agitatin for d restoration of. An already existed country called biafra

    • To hell with your restoration.

    • Who told you that Yorubas are scared of this division? Yoruba has the best economy in Nigeria and we have all it takes to guide our territory. The fact is that Yorubas don’t fight senseless fight. Yourbas fight wisdom and if Yorubas are ready to leave Nigeria it is going to be a work of pen not of gun. Every 90% of first amenities in Africa started in Yorubaland with Yoruba men. Go and read the history of Yoruba before you talk rubbish.

    • It is unfortunate that u brought Yoruba into your argument. I am a Yoruba man, we don’t fight senselessly like you Igbo are doing. What your war lord (Ojukwu) did in the past that he regretted and brought you far back is what you’re embarking upon again. If to say we should divide, our division wont affect Yoruba people at all if that is what you meant by saying “Yoruba afraid” of division. In no way Igbo better Yoruba, talk of anything. When Nigeria was using a regional system of government it was the Yoruba area that was best, do you know that ? Go and find out. Your complaint is that Nigeria treats you as second citizen, nobody ever planned to treat you that way but your past record is the main thing that is hunting you. Unless you change your attitude you will continue chasing shadow. God bless Nigeria!!!

  4. Biafrats or

  5. Biafrats or whatever you people call yourself. You are very stupid. The 1967 crisis will be very small to the one coming. This one Will be complete extermination if you don’t stop embarrassing Nigeria. Idiot

  6. Please all of making comments, please note some statement is high treason. Your devices could be traced and you may face high treason changes

  7. Jude u are biafran and not Nigerian so what are u guys doing at a Nigerian match.u guys are supposed to be more than expelled

  8. Is better u tell the bianfrans among the players to withdraw and see if they will not course your generations

  9. waw,who will buy,if everywhere is a market place in the BIAFRA republic?corruption,racketing.embezzling the government fund,little education,lots of dropout for the purpose of wealth seeking.Wish to see that new republic,quite an interesting topic.

  10. All I c here are jus youth with no true kwnlege wat of what they ar agitating for…I for see all those leading d IPOB running to neighbourin country wen war start..nd many of these youth IPOB ar been brainwashed lik boko haram..in the northern…I ll advice you to do thorough find on ur leaders nd there motives….dnt b coward….nd evn if you want to divide follow the rite process..Like are doin MASSOB #pieceofminemind to all mine alaba boiz

  11. Igbos are being known 4 their greed, they are believing 2 hv their so cal Biafra so as to dominate the region. All d illegalities both in the govt n pte medium of syphoning is tiding up. D present is refusing 2 fal mugu. So no way 2 penetrate rather than selfish agitation. Be warned, for greed only ‘DISGRACE.’

  12. A home divided against itself cnt stand…ask yourself do ur leaders truly want Biafra.. or jus position…or cover up…..or ….or….Bros wise up

  13. Igbos are being known 4 their greed, they are believing 2 hv their so cal Biafra so as to dominate the region. All d illegalities both in the govt n pte medium of syphoning is tiding up. D present is refusing 2 fal mugu. So no way 2 penetrate rather than selfish agitation. Be warned, for greed only ‘DISGRACE.’

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