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Nairabet CEO, Akin Alabi Blasts Pastor Adeboye For Saying Men Shouldn’t Marry Women Who Can’t Cook and Pray For an Hour


Founder and CEO of Nairabet, Akin Alabi has opposed General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,

Pastor Enoch Adeboye for saying men should not “marry a girl who cannot cook and pray for 1 hour”.

Read His Tweets Below:


and Of course responses followed:





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  1. I don’t know why some people worrying about this message. The is yours not by force, he was advised his church ⛪ member.

  2. Akinyemi Oke Obalola

    How many of u heard the message and how many heard live the comment of the ceo. It could be olny pix mixing of pixz and any one can actually edit it and give it any tittle. Pls lets be careful in passing judgement. As for me i no ear the message of baba and i no ear the comment of the ceo

  3. Adebola Akinola Ogunboyowa

    It’s an advice, no one is forced to take it.

  4. Peleyeju Olusegun

    Akin Alabi may go ahead and marry anyone he wants. I only want to advise that life is not a coupon. It requires precision of decisions

  5. like seriously everybody is now claiming to be christian Lol http://bit.ly/2aX3Qr7

  6. Why r we so backwards in thus country, being a man if God doesn’t mean that he can dictate to others what their choice of a wife or a good wife should be, we hv seen people who can pray and bring the the house down but still end up divorcing, we hv seen women who are more than chefs (good cookers) but still end up in divorce so it comes down to one thing and one thing only (only God can predict and bless any marriage to last for eternity) so my point is that, yes he is a pastor and yes a whole lots of people respects him but he has no power or right as to what can make a marriage stay for eternity, all he has is an advice just like our parents always advise us base on their experience too. Thanks and please folks I don’t need any insults, it’s just my humble opinion. Thanks and God bless

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