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Finally Nigerian Actor RMD Addresses Sickness Rumours


There have been rumours both online and on entertainment magazines that Nollywood icon and Delta State Commissioner for

Culture & Tourism, Richard Mofe-Damijo, has health issues probably because of his recent weight loss. I saw him a while back and he looked more handsome than ever!

Anyway, RMD has reacted to the rumours, saying he’s better than ever.

“What else do you need? You saw me on stage, did I look sick? People are probably so disappointed to see me looking so much better they want the news to be true. Unfortunately for them, I am in the best shape of my life.

“Have you not taken photos of me. It amazes me how people cling to bad news. I am a public servant in Delta State, I go to work every day. I am not sick. I changed my lifestyle and lost weight and I am looking better than I have ever looked in my adult life. For the records, I am not on Facebook and my colleagues that they used their names as those who posted the stories have all denied it.”RMD told Weekend Groove




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  1. I am a nutritionish nd want those who dont know to know that it better u lose weight to mentain a healthy nd active life than looking bulky nd sick. i totally agree with him on addopting a healthy life style. u r on course RMD.

  2. pipo wil alwaiz tok…..nd its mks life mre intresting

  3. Don’t mind them

  4. l love this man”pastor ken”that is how we call him in kenya..l pray to my heavenly father to watch over him day and night…God bless him…am happy to hear from him.me personally l prayed for him here in thailand…

    • Ialso prayed 4hm.the news abt hs being sick was shocking nd iblv God has received alot of prayers abt him.live long pst ken

  5. Time will tell.

  6. RMD, You are preserved! Good man, it is well with you.

  7. you have said it all!
    that you change your life stly and that affect your weight. God bless you sir

  8. julia jully jose

    I knew u were not sick my the almighty protect u now n always God bless


  10. its good to cut weight you look young,and easy to mantain.

  11. Dnt mind them brother

  12. Sir even if ur sick my God will heal U…urs will be an exception. God is ur strength and shield.Amen

  13. Anybody wey want u to die,na him go die

  14. D Rmd l saw at d late Amaka lgwe’s service of song doesn’t look sick at all, rather he looked trim in his black suit and he co hosted d event with lreti Doyle which l doubt a sick person can do.

  15. my bro u no go die, they lied. may God open ur eyes to see ur enemies

  16. I tnk God that u re sound and healthy my best Actor

  17. Not everybody will die of terminal disease, let our people be optimistic in their thought pattern! May God continue to keep u sound; body,soul n spirit in Jesus’ Name. Bless u bro!

  18. naija pple

  19. I jst knew that you were not sick and i do beleave God will protect you

  20. Thank God o. I nearly sick when I heard d news but some humans are still homo sapiens. Dont mind them God is ur protector.

  21. Justina Onyewuchi

    I was very angry that my own man RMD is sick I took it upon myself to be putting him in my daily prayers. But today am happy to know that he is very sound. And God will continue to keep u sound and healthy. Amen

  22. Our body is the temple of God. We cannot be sick.RMD IS WELL WITH YOU

  23. Let them talk but a new day is dawning foryou.
    I have missed you on naija movies in kenya stations. You are a verygood actor. I wish you well

  24. i love this thank GOD

  25. Notin will hapen 2 u,wat ever de are sayin will make u kive longer and stronger

  26. Stronger U, RMD!

  27. Bros nothing will happen to u, u are one of my best actor. God bless n give u good health all the days of ur life

  28. Thank God you are well

  29. I think is high time you say the truth bcoz we all see that ur not okay.

  30. Sickness or not,Everybody gets sick along the way so far as we still Humans.Thank God you still Alive and strong. God be with you!!

  31. wat shows u are nt sick

  32. RMD is my favourite Actor, i like him as an ACTOR and a fine gentle man and to that extent i have been following him,always interested in what he does. I felt bad wen i saw the picture but now am happy to hear him speak on the matter.Thank God the great RMD is ok.May you live a long and healthy life.I hope to see u in films soon.

  33. Nathaniel Graham Romeo

    Excess of everything is bad,in as much as he wants to slim fit to look healthy ,he should not do it to the extent that he looks like a sick person or excuse me to say an HIV/AIDS patient or one that is just recovering from severe malaria.

    • Is not your concern. Is your type who go about posting pics of him, why won’t u mind ur own bnss. Am a Ghanaian but I disagree with u.

  34. all tanks to baba God z well dear

  35. I thank God 4 rmd that hi open up 2 the world that him is not sick may god almighty increase his days

  36. I love u so much may God shut ur enimies eyes. God od bless with good health my long time admirer

  37. RMD baba no sick ooo!

  38. Our own Rmd nothing do u, sound and good health is ur portion in Jesus name Amen.

  39. My dear brother may Almighty keep u, guide u, protect u n gv u good health of body n mind so shall it be in jesus name Amen.

  40. wish you long life jaree

  41. Stanley uchegod

    Thank God 4 ur life my brother,d devil is a liar.


  43. jovinecia Ambetsa

    u r my favourite n i knew it wasnt true

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