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Photos: 10 Primary School Students Caught Engaging In A Wild Act (Video)

Police in Nairobi, Kenya, are investigating an incident in which 10 primary school pupils were found engaging in a sex orgy.

The five boys and five girls from Dhawabu Primary School, Kayole, were ambushed by a concerned neighbor at one of the girls’ house. The pupils are now being held by the police.

Speaking to KTN just minutes after the ambush, the man said he was forced to check the house following unexplained noise coming from inside.





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  1. https://youtu.be/f-AgLXD1Fqs. True confession you want to hear

  2. wow that’s awesome

  3. dunia imeharibika

  4. with the polices oh… with the school authorities may God punish all of you why bringing this kids to social media… they were just playing because nothing is entering nothing… we all did this shit when we were kids also… I was reposted countless times… Kenya is a stupid Country if they sue the stupid police and the school authority…

  5. indeed, this miraculous how could such little kids engage themselves into such act? wonder shall never end for this world!! the world itself, honestly is coming to an end. The Kenya government should pity them and never to sue those children to court, we very well know that it is not fair but Kenya government should pls have mercy on them than to bring this issue on social media..

  6. sue them in court you say, is sex now illegal ?

  7. Might not be illegal buh its wrong and Immoral for under 18….someThing needs to be done or mete out as punishment.

  8. Why post them on social media? They’re kids you damn motherfuckers! When major corruption scandals go down, you never post anything or anyone, it remains as romours. But bs like this, is always major on the news. Githeri media!!

  9. Ravhutsi Thinandavha

    they must be punished,because others kids will be involved and they will corrupt the Gene

  10. God forbid bad thing! Kids of nowadays

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