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Shocking Video: The Real Buhari Exposed [Full Length Documentary] #TheRealBuhari


Firstly I don’t see how exposing Buhari’s evil past is making him popular. so no one should come on here with that

old outdated Line ”You Are Only Making Buhari More Popular” This documentary was 100% factual and not cooked up stories. I recently carried out a comprehensive research and wrote an article on 20 Atrocities Of Buhari, Most of what i wrote was also found inside the below video, I have met hardcore Buharists who switched their loyalties after learning about the evils of Buhari from my previous article. So people should spare us this “it is making him popular” talk. If this is the kind of Popularity Buhari needs then he should be expecting over dose of it.

BTW Buhari is already popular, in case you have forgotten he was the former Governor of North East Nigeria, Former PTF Chairman, Also a former Head Of State, and 4 times presidential candidate, how popular can one actually get? so this statement “making him more popular” is non-existent. That is a language invented by APC to stop us from exposing the Real Buhari.

The painful truth and fact of the matter is this video is not the work of detractors its just simply Buharis past coming back to hunt him, I know Buhari will never respond to any of this crimes he committed against humanity because he feels he owes non of we peasants (Nigeria in general) an explanation as he is obviously above the law He can overthrow a civilian Government commit so many atrocities and tomorrow claim to be a democrat. So the thing which provokes me the most is how APC are always portraying Buhari as an Angel or a Saint who has never committed one single sin and just fell down from heaven to come and bring change, thereby calling all Nigerians Imbeciles with chronic Amnesia well watch the video for yourselves and see who the real Buhari really is.

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