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Seyilaw Responds To A Follower Who Said His Daughter Looks Like ‘Kung-Fu Panda’

Comedian, Seyilaw who took to Instagram to share photos from his daughter, Tiwaloluwa’s  visit to her grandparents, however got a rather harsh comment from one of his followers, @arigu12, who told him that his daughter looks like ‘Kung-Fu Panda’.

“???@seyilaw1,u too like dis ur pikin wey b like kung-fu panda ????”


However, the man who had been slammed by fans of Seyilaw, got called out by the ace comedian who shared photos of the man and his own child. And here’s what he wrote;

“No wonder, Yoruba people talk sey Lantern no dey see e own yansh.
Imagine @arigu12 coming on my page to call my daughter KUNG FU PANDA. I be wan abuse am until I stumbled on this picture and I decided to Thank God for my own.
Stupidity is not foolishness, but remaining in foolishness despite correction is Stupidity. @arigu12, enjoy your cheap Publicity at the detriment of your children.”


Here are more photos from Tiwa’s visit;




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  2. As a comedian,my brother take it as a joke,you do yab people as well.

  3. seyi baba, you know its a joke right? but wait ooo, with KUNG FU PANDA by ur side u don’t need any bodyguard.