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Photos: According To This Hindu Group Drinking A Warm Cup Of A Virgin Cow Urine Before Sunrise Can Cure Cancer

A growing cult of Hindu worshippers in India claim that drinking fresh

cow urine will help cure them of all diseases – including cancer The Hindu believers regard the cow as a holy animal and say her urine has divine healing properties
Jairam Singhal, 42, has been drinking cow pee for over a decade and was keen to testify to its health benefits
‘I had diabetes, but ever since I have started drinking cow urine, my diabetes levels have been under control,’ Jairam said.
‘Someone told me drinking cow urine is good for health.
Followers of the cult claim cow urine can successfully be used to combat cancer, diabetes, tumours, tuberculosis, stomach problems and much more.
They also claim that drinking cow pee is the only effective solution for treating baldness
‘Lots of people come here. And of late, the numbers have been rising. We all gather in the morning and drink fresh urine that Mother cow offers us,’ Singhal said
Many say the recent increase in the number of people drinking cow urine can be attributed to campaigns run by spiritual leaders
‘Only two things are pure in this universe, in this world. One is the water from the Holy Ganges river and the other is urine from mother holy cow,’ Ramesh Gupta, a Hindu priest, said.
‘Cow urine has been mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. No one can doubt the good effects it has on the human body. It is a divine gift from God.’
Followers like Gupta, however, insist that urine from every cow cannot be beneficial.’The cow, whose urine one has to drink, should be a virgin – she must not have delivered a calf. Also, the urine is to be collected just before sunrise – that urine has the best effect,’ he said.

However, there are people who oppose the claims made by preachers.
‘People keep saying all kinds of things about cow urine, but we don’t mind. People don’t know what this is. They have never experienced the taste of cow urine or its effects, so how can they judge it,’ Singhal said.

‘It is just a matter of time before people realise the utility of cow urine.’
He is now eyeing to cash in on the growing trend and has plans to start manufacturing cow urine products on a commercial scale.

‘We can manufacture eye drops, medicines for stomach ailments, toothpaste, bathing soaps, herbal powdered medicine, among other things, from cow urine,’ he said.
‘Many cow shelters are manufacturing these products. There is a lot of demand for these products. They have good sales.’

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