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Man Mistakenly kills His 3 Month Old Baby While Mercilessly Beating His Wife (Photos)


Chinedu a barber allegedly killed his baby during a dispute in their home located at umuchinma owerri,imo state,his dead baby was reported to be just 3 months old

While his wife tried to escape from chunedu’s “missile like” punches his baby got hit in the process and died on the spot,after which vigilantes in the area came and picked him up,Chinedu seemed very remorseful as he was crying the whole time!so sad!




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  1. dat man is a fool why is she beating a woman that just put to bed under three months? to d extend of killing the child…h ummmmmmm

  2. his anger serves him well! why beating his wife in the first place

  3. Annie Don Brown

    So with the baby in her hand, he still tried to hit her?????? SEE HIM GOAT FACE……They should take him to the zoo

  4. Prisca Sabbastine

    God has given u the right punishment u deserve stupid man. This will hunt u all ur life. I just feel 4 u wife. Madam kpele.

  5. Thank you. That was the first thing that came to mind. These reporters needs to put proper verbs on their headlines. Seriously, how the hell do you miss a baby in a woman’s hand. God help me, I will kill him. Sometimes I really hope some of these wife beaters are in the United States, this man will be in jail for life. Idiot! I’m so sad and angry

  6. Amen to that

  7. Spirit of Anger!! Lord please have mercy upon him

  8. Oh lord pls hv mercy oooo ,why did u pple bring dis innocent baby to dis world ,u can’t zip up and u can’t handle a home haba

  9. Buckson Mwanza

    21st century is a century of breaking the silence against violence and it is a century of looking at evidence should the battered person kill the perpetrator. If you asked to choose one between abusive marriage and life,choose life.

  10. How do you even think of beating a mother of 3 months old baby? Has she recovered of fed well. Send the man to prison. I don’t have pity for people like him.

  11. Samuel Olubunmi Tolulope

    Tnx, my guy

  12. Rosemary Emmanuel

    The of bad anger

  13. Jane Oluchi Oguwike

    blood of God !!!!

  14. why beating a woman who just put to bed my God now you kill the innocent baby your child, you see your life.

  15. Let that be a listen to all the men who likes to beat women

  16. Safiu Nafisat Titilola Adepoju

    @ Don, u are so stupid for dis ur comment. silly idiot. they shouldn’t say what? means u are as useless as d man. just go offline if u av nothing good to comment.

  17. Omoregie Joshua

    I feel very pity for the lost of dat innocent baby but this should be a lesson to other men and they should always apply wisdom every in anygiven situation.

  18. Rip Mr man…. You are better off dead Dan alive…. This memory I’ll hunt you for d rest of ur life..

  19. Tina Favour Ngozi Okoh

    The mother and baby look malnourished. He must have been abusing her for a long time. Commit the crime then do the time. Send him to prison where he belongs. May the soul of the little baby rest in peace.

  20. Ikegwu Rosemary

    May God deliver u

  21. Bet you don’t do it again hope you go prison an never come out

  22. Aina Temitope Ogunsuyi

    God bless you

  23. Fateema Salaudyn

    Dat Anyanwu Silas is d type dat will beat a woman.

  24. Chinyere Nwakaibeya

    He is a big fool. Any man dat beats his wife is a monkey . After 9 months of pain, tears and sorrow .

  25. Justin Nwabuisi Teko

    It’s a pity for the new born baby that you kill but you’ll be punish for dat,my advice to the wife is run 4 40ty if u no what I mean cos if u still stay with the man you’ll be d next victim ce finir.

  26. God wil punish him.

  27. Happy Jounatan

    God we never forgive you for you to put your wife in to pain useless wicked heartless man

  28. Marthalyn Bartuah

    African men love beating their women toooo much.. Let this be a lesson to y’all women beaters…

  29. Janeblack Winin

    He most be stuiped

  30. Stephen Felicia

    The man is sick

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