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If Boko Haram Kills Christian, Burn Churches, We’ll Slay Muslims, Raze Mosques – Niger Delta Militant


The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders, NDRC, Saturday, vowed that it would carry out reprisal attacks on Muslims and mosques in the Niger Delta region if Boko Haram kills Christians and burn down churches in the north, as threatened by its new leader, Abu Masab el Barnaw, last Wednesday.

Spokesperson of the militant group, W O I Izon-Ebi, in a statement, said: “We want to alert Nigerians and the world that the Islamization plot has been proven by the Boko Haram new leader Abu Masab el Barnaw that their new mission is to kill all Christians and burn down all churches.”

“But, we want to warn them that we, the Niger Delta youths, in this 21st century will not accept killing of innocent Christians or burning of churches. That if they try it in the north or any part of Nigeria, we the Niger Delta youths will not see any Muslim or mosque in the Niger Delta,” it said.

Its words: “We are not against President Buhari granting the Boko Haram amnesty if their sole purpose is to own an Islamic caliphate in the north, but they should mot shift it to the Niger Delta.”

“All we know and want is resource control and true federalism, if truly they believe in one Nigeria, and are working harder to build a prosperous One Nigeria, let them shift their Operation Crocodile Tears to the Fulani herdsmen and the Boko Haram that is threatening the unity and peace of Nigeria,” the group asserted.

NDRC called on President Muhammadu Buhari to demonstrate that leadership as the current leader and the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, just as former President Goodluck Jonathan showed by visiting him (Buhari) to indicate that he believes in the unity of Nigeria and was not part of the planned declaration of the Niger Delta Republic.




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  1. True talk, God bless you .

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  3. An eye for an eye

  4. Fools, if you guys are militants enough why don’t you stand up to boko haram?? After all they are men like you. Why try to take it out on the innocents? That shows how very weak and lazy you guys are….. Rubbish

  5. Opinionated fools, they are busy destroying their environment and the government is busy exploring alternatives ways of generating revenue,to us here we are happy with their activities, bcos it has taught us that things can be well even without oil and we will prove to you in few years to come that Nigeria has the capacity to be greater without relying on oil

  6. Peters O. Wisdom

    We shouldn’t blame or criticize one another based on religion. Instead we should blame and question the government for failing to protect its citizens.the government have failed us the citizens. Both boko boys and militants are all criminals while the government in one way or the other encourage them. We are nothing but innocent victims in this vicious cross fire.

  7. my friend stop that lie, what is the meaning of jihad war, is war the same thing as peace?, Islam is a religion of peace koo!

  8. yes ooo! is time for us to retaliate too

  9. don’t mind them, blood thirsty demons

  10. Sabastine Nwakanma

    Hahahahahahahahaha…. Mehn!!! Funny to the core.
    -I never see person wey calm down when they telam make em calm down.
    Watch & Laugh oh jare!!! U0001f61c #Share
    #Snic #S2016

  11. They are devils period

  12. Militants don’t rape, they don’t kill innocent souls. They don’t even bomb churches as the Boko Haram does. They only have interest in corrupt politicians and government that takes from them and fail to give them their rights.

  13. Taura Hans Reesa

    Mother F**ker, those are not Muslims…there is on any were in quran it says to kill anyone. Just try to figure it out. Not even in Bible.

  14. Eyllena Homs Flawless Boss

    Oh yea of little knowledge… For Christ to resurrect and become king, he had to die. They think they destroy us when they kill our flesh but no they don’t, rapture has begun and when we die we resurrect with Christ in a better life where there is no pain, sorrow or tears… Let them keep destroying the flesh but NOTE: nothing can separate us from the love of Christ… NOTHING and NO one!! Roman’s 8:31. It’s a priviledge to live and die for Christ while they remain in this wicked earth and think they are wise…. CHRIST OVER THIS WICKED world.. Any day, anytimeU0001f606

  15. Shut up, who are sponsoring Boko haram?. Don’t you know?. How many Christians have been killed in the name of Hausa Fulani herds men’s? But really they’re Boko haram’s. Yet your brother Bokohari said nothing but consoles the families of France and Germany terrorist attacked victims.

  16. Olayinka Isaiah Ayodeji

    Go head. That’s better.

  17. Odily Barthlomew Onyia

    Not Muslim not Muslim please which book contains beheading, flogging enslavement ?though I still respect some good people in muslim .but there are many negative philosophy which state some people to be superior and others inferior if it is not discredited and permanently abandoned sorry forget peace.

  18. they will not, at all, but keep tight security to help fight thief’s around gods house’s

  19. Iam tired of these Islamists killing Christians innocently,am ready to kill them too

  20. Lets not make this about religion its bad people doing bad things point blank.. Christian have nothing to do with this.

  21. Its no use talking to d deaf cuz nomatta wat u said wnt be acknowledged my name sake. Every person will accnt for wat eva he said or does on d day of judgement my dear. I am very proud of my religion.

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  23. boko haram massive destruction was on muslim in North.. If Niger delta avengers are to kill Muslims is something of different case I called it inter religious war… You can kill many Muslims but Islam can never be destroy

  24. Abdulmumin Dauda Tigwii

    Bro even the way u started shows that u might be one of those behind all these violence n religious confusion in the world. Can u tell me how many Muslims too boko haram kill if really u know them? N killing of Christians is part of Ur master plan, the whole thing n the truth behind is attacking, sabotaging n against islam.that’s why u n Ur radicals use the killing of Christmas to cover Yourself. But u will not succeed, n u I’m sure Ur family are not in nigeria that Zaashi why u are uptilltalking of killing bro wise n open ur eye so that u can see far.if u still did no see

  25. They not muslım they nıt fallow regılons they just fallow old braın sıck regılıons man ı am muslım too ı love all regılıon ı don’t care black or whıte ı love human ı love lıfe ı love world ı lovepeacr

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