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Poor Electricity Supply: My Children Are Also Suffering The Effects – Fashola


Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, says his children are also facing the effects of the poor electricity supply presently being experienced in the country.

He said they suffer from heat rashes, sweat a lot and also wonder what exactly he, as the minister in charge of power, is doing about the electricity challenge.
Fashola said this while speaking on Channels TV yesterday

“It’s a very hot season of the year. I see my children too sweating, having heat rash and they look at me like what are you doing about this thing. Let me be very clear, this problem can be solved. It needs detailed and methodical approach. First work to do is to supply more gas because without gas, I am like a generator owner who can’t get fuel, so I can’t power my plants. There are errors of planning of yesterday but they are errors that can be corrected”he said.




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  2. Amobeda Shedrach

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  3. Are sure you and your family knows anything like public electricity mr apc basket mouth with una lies

  4. Izuchi-mbonu Chioma Anita

    Hu we go ask?

  5. Abraham Olushola Azeez


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  7. So what have you don’t to solve the problem? any way your all dictators plus ur boss

  8. Did you know how many life you lost dis year cos of light. God will treat u Politics d way you treat us in dis country.

  9. Tell ur family and friends

  10. Lies! Are u trying to use our brain, ok i got what u are saying… D other way round 24hrs light hmmmm pls also shear some to d needy

  11. May ur children suffer d effects in truth!

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  13. make this man no allow me vex oh…

  14. Taiwo Oluronke Opeyemi

    God will judge u. If it’s true u are talking about.

  15. Sheriff Sulaiman

    how do we believe this

  16. Sheriff Sulaiman

    how do we believe this?

  17. na God go punish you there idiot

  18. Fashola is lieing to those he knows they are fools and not to the wise ones. He think as he rule people of lagos that he can handle works / power minister. One day Ameachi Rotimi the transport minister would say his wife is in cuew at filling station to buy fuel.
    Then Buhari d president would say Aisha his wife is in 3rd mail land bridge trafick.
    May God help us.

  19. Olu Thomas Emmanuel

    Lies!! Big lies… Y r dez politicians taking us for fools….
    Every rational person wud know dat dia kids ain’t even in Nigeria…

  20. Oluwatoyin Kayode

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  22. Samuel Olufunke Omodayo

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  23. Osbert Nosa Izevbigie

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  25. Aigbedo Osamudiamen

    You can deceive us but certainly not God, you people shall give account one day.

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  28. Jennifer Lawrence

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  32. Don Noble Anthony Nwachinemelu

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  34. I thought Six months is enough for any serious government to fix electricity in Nigeria.
    Is a year plus now and Nigerians are in total darkness. I wonder how the situation would be when you leave office.

  35. Oluwatosin Babatunde

    I know some areas in Lagos with 20 hrs out of 24 hours where supply is stable. That line is called line 33 or something.. And I am sure Fashola is also using this same line of Power Supply. So mister man, stop fooling us Oo.. Ben Murray Bruce was right.. I can’t believe you until you come and live in a place like Agege..

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  40. Onyivaldream Resorts

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  43. Aloysius Chris Nneji

    Greedy man, only you’re supervising three key ministeries @ ago, your brother Amaechi is only managing one.

  44. Lying is corruption, Fash.

  45. Fashola is a blatant liar… So the rashes on my body caused by the epileptic power supply that you are providing us, is also on your children Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola? Seriously you are a disgrace to your people, show us your children’s body so we confirm this statement from you. Liar like Lie Mohammed.

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