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Photos : Nigerian Police Kill Seven Igbos And Seriously Injure 30 During Pro-Biafra Rally

No less than seven people were killed, and about 30 more injured, most of them critically, when the Nigerian police and military reportedly

opened fire dispersing a crowd of the pro-Biafra marchers at Onitsha in Anambra state on Sunday.

According to some reports from Anambra state, three people were fatally shot dead on the spot and 30 others got bullet wounds when the police and Nigerian navy opened fire to disperse the crowd of the pro-Biafra marchers in Onitsha on Sunday.


More than twenty people were critically wounded and by this Monday morning there were seven people dead as a result of shooting at the demonstrators.


Critically wounded person gets treatment.

The death toll hasn’t been verified officially yet, but the reports claim that those people were hit with stray bullets.


Another victim of the police and military shooting in Anambra state.

The crowd gathered under the aegis of the Indigenous People of Biafra which issued official statement condemning the shooting at the unarmed people.


Pro-Biafra marchers were peaceful and unarmed, reports claim.

It claims that over 30 people got shot and 7 people were confirmed dead on Monday while 20 more were critically wounded.


Military and policemen opened fire dispersing the crowd.

“How come our security men find it so easy to kill peaceful IPOB members but won’t lift a finger against the deadly Boko Haram? These brothers were peaceful in their engagement, they weren’t radical or causing any harm according to eye witnesses, they weren’t armed, so why shoot at them?” was said in the IPOB statement.

The agitation for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra has been on for some time now. The Republic of Biafra came about when a secessionist state situated in south-eastern of Nigeria tried to break away from Nigeria but were stopped. Biafra was inhabited mostly by the Igbo people and was in existence from 30th May 1967 to 15th January 1970.

The Movement for the Actualization of State of Biafra (MASSOB) is yet to give up the fight to secede from Nigeria. The group have even established a radio station, called Radio Biafra somewhere in Europe.




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  1. Pls what rely happy can somebody pls tell me what rely happy because am looks here pls.when did dis tin happen ed

  2. This is wrong action. Nigeria police and Navy need to pay for this

  3. Dat was too bad from our police men bt com to think of it hw can a country be using two flag? To me dey really want war. May Der soul rest in peace.

  4. Anybody that say what police or navy did wasn’t wright then such is talking out since, instead of us to speak with one voice some where selfish they will be talking like a mad person, u see been a lawyer, journalist, magistrate, Dr professor etc doesn’t mean you think and talk wisely all the time, if not some group of will rise up one day and be clamoring for state of Biafra having backing from some people with their selfish interest.
    when we say we are all believed in one Nigeria and we are agree to keep Nigeria one then what remained, kudos to our former President, President Good lock Ebele Jonathan who keep silent and be watching them then now there no chance for nonsense. Mr no nonsense much more around so every individual, group, tribes should behave.

  5. Thank God the police is trying Biafra are terrorist groups and they need to be kill

  6. It is unbelievable that the Innocent people are been killed in Onitsha for peaceful demonstration, No matter the name they are called but as long as the demonstration is peaceful and no halm to property’s, Police or navy have no justifications of any sort to shot and kill innocent people, We have Gboko halam in the north that have been killing people since and the army and police have done nothing to stop it,It is very clear that our so called President is nothing useless old man That has nothing left in his brain.

  7. the force men did the wrong thing by killing the innocent guys….may there soul rest in peace…divided will fall united will stand…we are all one Nigeria…let’s embrace peace?

  8. The Biafrans and MASSOB are terrorists group. The Nigerian police officers should be commended for doing the needful. What are they protesting for? These are the set of useless idiots that plunged the country into a civil war that almost wiped out the Ibos. The person that even ignited the war (Ojukwu) ran away, thereby leaving other Ibos to suffer for what he started. To hell with MASSOB. The people that claimed to be their leaders would cause problems and abscond while the blinded fools suffer the consequences. Why can’t the owner of Radio Biafra show up his ugly face? These are the same people that voted for a senseless man that almost ruined this country and in the ibos’ myopic thinking denied themselves the post of the Senate president of Nigeria.

  9. God bless those police and navy for killing Biafra terrorist we are all Nigerian not biafra what is Biafra .thanks 4 for killing the Biafra terrorist

  10. there is nothing like a peaceful protest in what they did. that act of wanting a divided Nigeria is tantamount to treason and therefore it is punishable by death. so no big deal in killing them. this will serve as a deterrence to others who may be thinking of such biafra protest again.

  11. A similar demonstration occurred in lndia sometimes ago as some people also staged a peaceful demonstration to secede from the country with another flag raised making two flags within a country which made the authority see it as an act rebellion against the government, over five hundred thousand people pay dearly for it within a day in lndia then. So any types of rebellion act against the authority must be stopped henceforth to avoid spilling of the innocent citizens in the country. And the Nigerians Police must be commended for limiting the casuality figure to the number mentioned above

  12. Patriotic Nigerian

    Please don’t mix fact with fiction. While it is lawful to embark on peaceful protest as guarantee by the Constitution, why show a picture that was taken at Keffi when students of Nasarawa State University Keffi where killed by the police in order to get the sympathy of uniform Nigerians? I was there and have taken some of the pictures myself. Enough of lies and dirty media propaganda that only promote hatred and violence.

  13. Fuck the killings

  14. I think time has now come to let d Ibos make their choice. If they want to secede so be it. I dont see why they will get shot for that. My only word for them is this they should think very hard of what they really want. They have many kinsmen in every part of the country who are earning their living as traders, artisans, academicians and the rest. They should the interest of these people at the fore front of their struggle.

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