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I Never Slept With 2 Sisters – Desmond Elliot Cries Out


After being accused of sleeping with two sisters in a news report that went viral in 2013, Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot kept

silent on the matter until recently, when he reacted to the issue. He stated in an interview that nothing of such happened, stating that the girls in question were just wards under his care.

According to the actor, it’s not a must that to be related to someone by blood, adding that the girls were just family friends who he took care of because their parents travelled abroad.

He noted that it was an accusation that had no foundation and boasted that the writer of the article had to apologise to him for creating such a distraction.

“I don’t know. It was baseless. The ladies in question are my wards and I take care of them. Do I have to be related to them by blood? We are family friends and we have been family friends for years. Their parents are abroad and whenever they are in Nigeria, they stay with me, so it was a baseless distraction and the person who did the article about me has since apologised,” he explained.




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  1. Wow at last someone 1 had to say something about des mayb 4rm nw on u will stop spreading other ppl secert 4godsake.

  2. Leave Desmond in peace _ mind your own businesses!

  3. Mind Ur Own Bussiness Bro,if He Spreades Other Ppls Secret That Mean Tht He Has A Reason Oooooo