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Don’t Give $2Billion Loan To Buhari – Gov Fayose Writes Chinese Government


The dude called Fayose is perhaps taking politics to cynical dimensions. Does he hate Buhari that much? Does he

hate success and indeed Nigeria so much? Is the defeat suffered by the PDP in the last polls so infernal and hate building? Why can’t we all elect to put Country first???

Even the fiercest critics of Mr President acknowledge that the China trip holds out great promise. Fayose sure needs our prayers.
May God save Fayose because it is becoming neurotic, the letter to Chinese Government defines it….neurotic amnesia. See the letter here…
 “I write as one of the major stakeholders in the project Nigeria, and a governor of one of the federating units making up Nigeria, to draw your attention to report that the Federal Government of Nigeria is on the verge of obtaining a $2 billion loan from the Export-Import Bank of China.
“This $2 billion loan is part of the N1.84 trillion the Federal Government of Nigeria has proposed to borrow to finance the 2016 budget, which is yet to be signed by the President, Mohammadu Buhari owing to unending controversies between the Executive and Legislative arms of government.
“According to reports, Nigeria desires to raise about $5 billion abroad to cover part of its 2016 budget deficit. This is projected to hit N3 trillion ($15 billion) due to heavy infrastructure spending at a time when the slump in global oil prices has slashed the country’s export revenues.
“While conceding that all nations, especially developing ones need support to be able to grow because no nation is an island, I am constrained to inform you that if the future of Nigeria must be protected, the country does not need any loan at this time.
“The government of China should be mindful of the fact that Nigerians, irrespective of their political and religious affiliations are totally opposed to increment of the country’s debt burden, which is already being serviced with 25 per cent of the Federal Government annual budget.
“It will interest the government of China to know that some of the projects for which the loan is being sought are not captured in the controversial 2016 budget, which has been sent to the President by the National Assembly for his assent. For instance, the Lagos – Calabar Rail project was not included in the budget proposal the President presented to the National Assembly and it was not included in the Appropriation Bill passed by the National Assembly.
“Most importantly, Nigeria is presently servicing debt with about 25 per cent of its annual budget and what will happen to the economy in 2017, when the country will begin to service the additional debt to be incurred this year is better imagined than experienced.
“The Chinese government must also be aware that some western nations approached by the Federal Government for loan diplomatically and cleverly declined.
“This must have been informed by the suspicion in the present government’s capacity to salvage the nation’s economy as well as the sincerity in the fight against corruption. More so that Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve, which is the only guarantee for foreign loan has declined to a very uncomfortable level.”
Deeply disturbing state of mind ..




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  1. Mayweather Oniah

    He’s just mAking common sense

  2. Motor park tout I don’t blame u cuz u insulted ur mama in public, so u are among de heroes in Guinness world record

  3. Oni Tobiloba Funke

    Yes he want to Nigeria in another debt

  4. Why can’t u stop Jonathan not to give sambo dasuki $2.6B don’t u know it was that money u people spend anyhow that is worrying many of us in the Country now! U are a foolish man.

  5. Wots wrong with this man slf

  6. Does the money belong to you

  7. How many of u ask jonathan where he see the money he was spending! & u don’t know it is someone that we pay back the money if jonathan did not.

  8. Begging is part of northern nigeria occupation so there fore buhari is very free to beg

  9. PMB is famous enough he need no any hype from any individual though doubled-trillion fans is worth more than a millions#fayose the house boy we’re watching you oO!

  10. Kingsley Abunene

    Lol unto sey una just wan talk and noticed me sake, come on how much is $2b that Buhari is fooling himself about, where are d money he claimed to be recovered from d past administration looters so far?

  11. dis fayose is notin but a street tout, ur cup wil stl full

  12. Now China give pmb money, what will happen, go an collect it from him now ole

  13. We recovered trillions and have saved trillions within 9 months, but here we are borrowing $2b to implement our 2016 budget.
    Turn to your neighbour and say NEIGHBOUR! . . why Buhari too dey lie like this?

  14. Reign Dili Keepreigning

    Abeg ask him ooh

  15. Olasoji Olawale Samson

    The main question stil remains
    What happened to all the recovered money thru BVN and d TSA and why stil goin to China to borrow agan?

  16. Olasoji Olawale Samson

    The main question stil remains
    What happened to all the recovered money thru BVN and d TSA and why stil goin to China to borrow agan?

  17. Zinsu Stany Cyril

    U are coward,come out nd express urself properly,omo ale

  18. Obianuju Nwokoma

    Buhari is professional beggar, born to beg. It is in Hausas blood, for sure. He will get the money, as he born beggar.

  19. I really trust you baba and you cannot die no weapons fashion against you shall prosper Amen

  20. Ibi Ekpe Amiin

  21. @ Zinsu Stany Cyril, why you dey insult the guy naw…? He only asked a question

  22. Charles Chinedu Iwediuno Vincent

    The buharis government is filled
    up with just ” lies and deceits ” !!
    Even stupid citizens are already
    praising his trip to China and him
    bringing back ” goodies ” .., meanwhile
    they need to see first the impact that deal
    would bring on the economy before jubilating
    and praising. Nigeria is a slumbering nation filled up with ” senseless, ignorant noisemakers, including their dumb ass politicians ” !!!!!!

  23. Exactly my thought!!!!

  24. Afolabi Ayobami Musibau

    Fayose is just a man with noise. He is only nuturing his higher political ambition

  25. Sayid Olamilekan Bakarey


  26. The problem of person with more than one father talk any how so I can’t blame u but ur mom

  27. Adewale Adeniran Balogun

    Has fayose turn to president

  28. Don’t blame Nigerians that jubilating for President Buhari’s china trip. I just pity those educated sack illiterate who doesn’t understand economy and the impact of this $2b loan will create in their lives. I love president Buhari. But most of his presidential decision to better Nigeria is what i having problem with and that’s part of democracy. Can someone reason with all the money Mr president told Nigerians he has recovered from looters billion of dollars, why do we have to go and borrowed money from China. The more you borrowed the more you currency devalued the more things become expensive. Very soon Nigeria will be buying a sachet of pure water N50 or more. Then you guys will understand.

  29. This is what buhari wants naira to look like,

  30. This is where buhari is heading naira to with all this borrowing, most fool’s congratulating buhari for borrowing money from China don’t know that once you borrow your own economic is decreasing

  31. But they are busy shouting sai buhari nonentities

  32. Kingsley Archibong

    I Support Him , Don’t give him the money let him bring those money he realize from them men . I Concert

  33. Nuren G. Olayiwola

    The powerless fool talking

  34. fayose this your madness is becoming other thing oh

  35. Let buhari borrow dangote money or am just hearing he is d richest man in d world let buhari borrow money from him

  36. Prince Bruno Maxwell

    There is big problem in my contury God please help ooooo the change is killing now

  37. I think fayose was miss his control course aways talking without ….

  38. Hahahahahahaaaah, abeg bro no kill person with laugh.

  39. Esan Ayomide Michael

    Lol, see the person wey never eat anything today calling someone a beggar, get brain in Jesus name

  40. Obianuju Nwokoma

    Esan Ayomide Michael

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