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Buhari Can’t Remember His Own Phone Number – President Jonathan

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President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday during a rally in Enugu said that the All Progressives Congress candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

(retd), cannot remember his own mobile phone number.GEJ said though he didn’t like to“go personal during campaigns,” “sometimes circumstances demand that certain things must be said.”..He was reacting to various statements by Buhari during APC’s own campaign

“Is it now that Buhari cannot even remember his own phone number that he can change the economy of the country.” Jonathan asked.
“We cannot run the government as if we are in the medieval age; we cannot run a government where somebody said he would throw people into jail.You are not a medieval king – a medieval king can throw you into jail but we have to follow the rule of law because we cannot go back to the old days.” “They are telling young Nigerians that they are going to change the economy but they have not told us how they want to manage the economy more than us.If they say they want to change agriculture, they should tell us the weak links in the agriculture value chain and what they want to do about it.I said in Lagos that I want to work with young people, not to deceive people.I am not going to run the government based on my habits, I am going to run the government according to global best practices.”




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  1. Hahaha presidooo u too funny, I love ur speech we ar with u, God we help u in dis election.

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