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Breaking News: Meet The New Mr President! Its Official Donald Trump Has Won The US Presidential Election


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to make history if either of them win the election. So far according to the Election Results Online, Donald Trump is winning with 266 electoral votes to Hillary’s 218 votes. Each candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the US presidency.


Update Donald Trump Has Won!election

More Updates… 7:37pm…result

According To The Final Results Which Are Coming Out

Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump In Individual Votes But He Won More Electoral Votes.

How does the Electoral College system work?

The US president is not directly chosen by voters, but by ‘electors’ that people in a state vote for.

The more people in a state, the more electors an area has. For example, Texas has a population of 25 million and is afforded 38 Electoral College votes, while Delaware has a population of 936,000 and has only three votes.

There are 538 electors in total, corresponding to 435 members of Congress, 100 Senators and three additional electors for the District of Columbia. They will meet in their respective states on 19 December to ultimately elect the President.

Almost every state chooses to allocate all its Electoral College votes to whoever comes in first place statewide, regardless of their margin of victory.

Whoever gets to 270 electoral votes first – the majority of the 578 total votes – wins the election. And this time it was Mr Trump.

Why is the Electoral College in place?

The system was established to ensure regional balance — it makes it mathematically impossible for a candidate with large amounts of support in just one region to overwhelm the vote.

What are the criticisms of the Electoral College?

It renders safe states almost irrelevant to the result of the election: for example it did not matter if Ms Clinton had won a state by five or 40 per cent, she would still have got the same number of Electoral College votes.

The US election result always hinges on a handful of states that are politically divided, which some say is undemocratic.




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