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Igbo Man Threatens To Bomb Goodluck Jonathan And Make His Dog Molest Patience


A man who goes by the name Chidi Martins Junior, has been forced to delete his Facebook account after his vicious post about Goodluck Jonathan, went viral on Sunday.


In his shockingly feisty message posted on Saturday, Mr Chidi said: “If I lay my hands on explosives, I would blow up Jonathan Goodluck a million times, Kill his mother, his father and make Patience (His wife) sleep with my dog.”


Despite comments from friends advising him to retract his statement and save his head – Chidi who lives in Kaduna but hails from Imo State, vowed to stand by his words and not delete his post.igbo3

Jonathan Good luck whom some people see as a hero and a demigod is from this region called Niger Delta. Farmlands, drinking water and aquatic life has remained a mirage in this region. Jonathan ruled for 6 years and could not improve anything. This is the only region in Nigeria that has a Ministry to itself called Ministry of Niger Delta and over $40 billion has been pumped into this region yet nothing to show that such amount has been spent. Who do we begin to hold accountable Nigerians or our leaders? The pollution of Niger Delta did not start with Buhari it started as old as Oil exploration in Nigeria.

No one deemed it fit to agitate,protest or demonstrate when Jonathan was in office because we felt he was our own whatever he does or did was right,rubbish. I challenge every Niger Delta person to show me one legacy of Jonathan Goodluck in the Niger Delta rather than supervised the looting and milking of the resources made for the general public, his wife Dame Patience is claiming that the frozen $31.4 million in Jonathan’s brother’s account by the EFCC belongs to her.I need one reason why she should not be picked for questioning?

How many Nigerians or Niger Deltans has such amount in their Bank accounts and what made her s higher animal among others? How many times did your demigod asked a question about the revenues pumped into Niger Delta. Good governance is building institutions and not building individual militants like Tompolo who has turned round today to pick up arms against the Federal government.

I am forced to leave my car behind each time I traveled home to Imo state which fall under the Niger Delta due to bad roads. Nigerians did not abandon us we abandoned ourselves our enemies are our leaders they live within us. It’s important we begin to eschew sentiments and begin to tell our leaders the basic truth or else they’ll continue to use and dump us as political tools God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.




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