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All Child Rapists Should Have Their Genitals Cut Off – Nigerian Senator Mrs Ita Giwa

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Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, yesterday, said the best way to end rape and sexual assault in the country is by ensuring convicted rapists get their genitals cut off. Ita-Giwa, spoke as a special guest at ‘Magnenta and Black Art & Fashion for Charity’, held at the British Council, Lagos .

According to Vanguard, making reference to accounts of rape by two survivors at the event, the senator said:

“The lady said she was happy that she got justice for her four-year-old daughter who was raped by two men but, in my mind, if I were a judge and a man is brought to court for raping a child, he will receive capital punishment. But I will say, `don’t kill him, rather let him live his life in pain, let his organ be cut off’. He should not be allowed the pleasure of using that organ anymore. If the organ is not cut off, at the end of his term in prison, he will use it on other children. Fortunately for them, I’m no longer in the Senate but I will find a way to get it into the chamber. This is the proper way to end the evil of rape in the society”.




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  1. Good one but let start with buhari who raped Ashia when she was 9 to tell others that we are serious

  2. Xtas linda so nice llove you

  3. Befe Ngia The same drug your mother took before getting ur pregnancy from a fulani cow

  4. What of you MA? Chidi “Mokeme?

  5. Joshua Iheanyichukwu Ibejiro

    yes but buhari should be started with
    abi na lie ?

  6. I totally agree

  7. Ijalana Olawande

    It’s may sound like funny questions abi.? But nice questions bcos I don’t see reason why u should open ur biggest and dirty mouth and be abusing someone mother’s now.

  8. Kingsland Okwuoma

    Ma, what of if a woman rapes a man?

  9. Kingsley Sirkiss Udeigbo

    Instead of talking of them going to jail you’re talking if cutting what! What if it’s a woman that commits the crime?

  10. Befe Ngia hope you have find the fulan cow that pregnant ur mother?

  11. Oboi e no hard,chop d head commot

  12. Toluwalase Oluwatunmise Abisola Balogun

    Yes u can say that again

  13. If only the law would be allowed to see the light of the day by most pedophiles in the house. Though u didn’t talk about punishment for women when the reverse becomes the case.

  14. … but Chidi Mokeme isn’t a child

  15. He is a child to her na

  16. 70/38 then….. 32years difference

  17. Khalid Okpede Doma

    But she can also rape!

  18. In fact she was raping him for years, becos it was against his personal wish and desire U0001f601 lol

  19. OK NYC suggestion let’s start wt cutting off d president of d zoo own Buhari also is a child rapist

  20. My brother u are ryt on dis

  21. @ogaranya If mokeme is not a child but he’s another woman husband so Ita Giwa is wrong to raise issue like this.

  22. Buhari answer was yes i did but don’t tell any body that i am a rapist……

  23. Nice idea ma but u will be the first to cast the storn

  24. Hmmmmm…..dat age gap too much o.Abi hw u see am?

  25. Osita Asogwa….. U0001f525

  26. Dear senator, you must be a devil to come up with this advice. Remember your children do worse than rape

  27. Sen. Ita Giwa you are not in position to raise this motion though Chidi is not a small kid but you are sleeping with another woman’s husband. Take note.

  28. Testimony Ebuka Danquah

    thats right am in support of this one.

  29. Odebudo Olayiwola

    I second d motion Madam

  30. So what happens to women child rapists??

  31. This does nothing to stop problem. Think a bit more forward here. Be Proactive NOT reactive. Rapist still might endanger children with intimacy

  32. Rita Olori Abisola

    End time evil

  33. Then a money laundering politicians should get there hands cut off U0001f648

  34. Go to school and learn the difference between marriage rape prostitution and homosexuality. You narrow minded idiot

  35. And what about women who rape men? Hot boiling ring should be stuck in their vagina also or better still put a pistol in their vagina and pull the trigger..they say what is good for the geese is good for the gander

  36. Arowolo Idowu Chidi is responsible for any action her takes unlike a defenseless child


  38. Ok but what about ur brainless terrorist president Buhari? His head most be cut off

  39. Willy Okorie Ajah

    Madam you’ve made your point, the people in NIGERIA have noted that, what about a corrupt leaders, ? like Saraki and the rest of you? what should be their purnished? death by hanging .

  40. And it should be done publicly. She must use her influence to send such bill to national assembly fast.

  41. what are u waiting

  42. Caddy Xavier King

    Agreed……same with corrupt public office holders,,,,,,,bcoz i cant really tell d difference btw both!

  43. Cut off Buahri’s small penis. He raped Aisha at 14..
    I have the proof , even the video evidence. If you doubt me, drop your whatsapp number and I will privately send it to
    You to watch and confirm. It happened in a Barack when Aisha used to visit Buhari’s eldest daughter from first wife.
    Soon it will be an international news

  44. KC Michael Ezechukwu

    including his neck

  45. Follow by your father… Who raped me when I was 13

  46. Dats stupid of u to insult an elderly man ,at least he is old enough to b ur father,nd again he is d president of d country ,i don’t know y some ppl r so dumb nd stupid.

  47. Hmmmm…. Saadat Soso easy oo

  48. All Shuga Mummies That Repeatedly Sleep With Young Boys….Should Also Face Same Prosecution•

  49. All sins are equal in the eyes of God, then what’s is the penalty for all the poor taxpayer money you politicians have been looting?.. look at what she’s even wearing half naked, please come up with something reasonable jor

  50. I agree, wit her statement. However not every rape accusations are true, especially in the black community. So I hope y’all would agree wit me, to remove that female clitoris, and sew her vagina shut…. It’s only fear, if she is lying. If not cut the man penis off .U0001f914

  51. Then follow by ur father who rape your sister at 4. Omo ale

  52. Follow by ur father that rape ur sister when she was 5

  53. Maybe u should go home first and ask ur drunkard father why he raped ur sister when she was 5 yrs

  54. Just lyk ur drunkard baby factory father dat impregnated ur sister when she was 5

  55. smile…… when it’s been cut ma, i think it will be good for suya or barbecue

  56. Ikenna Iwuchukwu

    And this is the solution from a senator from federal republic of Nigeria…..!

  57. Joshua Iheanyichukwu Ibejiro

    if my dad rape you den go thank baba God

  58. Joshua Iheanyichukwu Ibejiro

    OK if na woman rape nko

  59. Bridjolala Choji

    Zubaida Mu’az my dear you don’t even need to wait your precious time replying that mad dog

  60. This is not our problem please go straight to the point before you borrow another money

  61. Emir sannusi first.

  62. Olabisi Avu Baba

    Danish Tel the woman oo after chidi mokeme done do her finish

  63. Lake Micheal Veli

    And all corrupt politicians should have their head chop off.

  64. Prince Bruno Maxwell

    The woman don’t know what to say,as if she never play away match before?? Or the children you have don’t do more than that ??? Meeting for night sleep for day time……

  65. Kenechi A Okonkwo

    Respect brothers. This is the president u guys are talking about. It Does not make u a better human insulting. Besides your bitter words can do nothing

  66. I’ve been saying forever.

  67. Habeebat Asimi Oudah

    They should castrate them

  68. yes true talk

  69. Mrs Ita Giwa all senetor who are stealing our Nigerian money should have their eyes remove

  70. Jahha Bin BabLawi

    What if the rapist is a female? Do we seal her vagina?

  71. Anderline Christopher

    Very right. You won’t support because it has not happened to your child

  72. Mrs Ita Giwa any senator caught sealing our Nigerian oil money they should remove all his or her eye’s even u

  73. Did they say all male rapist??? Ppl just lyk saying sh** without reasoning

  74. Ela Tita..did u read ur retarded comment b4 posting it?

  75. Elvis Chick Mbatu

    What about women who move round street for prostitution? And what about those who do fornication etc?

  76. Kenechi A Okonkwo

    Ela Tita you yourself just said sh** without reasoning. I mean I din’t even understand your point. He made a valid point and u insulted his person instead.

  77. Ela Tita Aunty I don’t understand this statement of urs are there different type of male rapist.. Educate us pls

  78. On point.not just their genitals,they should be sentenced to death by hanging

  79. Desiree' Rochelle

    and u must be in agreeance with child rapist to find this offensive…disgusting

  80. Dat agreement was 4 both male n female… Yet he was sayx sth abt female

  81. Kenechi A Okonkwo lol

  82. And U think dat is d best option?

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