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6 Solid Reasons Why Same-Gender Schools Are Not Good For Your Kids


As much as enjoy basking in the glory of being married and spending our lives with the people we love, there are certain moments when we are forced to take life-changing decisions.

Enrolling your children in school is one of those decisions as you have to find out what school offers what and how it will affect the life of your children.

We are going to be taking you back this age long issue of putting children in the same-gender school. This is in hope that you may find a new reason that would help you make up your mind as to what school your children would go.

There are so many schools in Nigeria that are same-gender school; most of them are boarding schools which allow your children to live with thousands of children from all parts of the country.

We also know that many people would wave this aside and talk about the experiences they had growing up in schools like that and how it has molded them. However, we fail to understand that time changes yesterday and the kind of children we have in this generation cannot be compared to the children raised in our time.

Coeducational schools will always offer your children the best form of education; there is a limit to how best you can shield or protect a child.

However, we know you have your own special parental guide that you follow strictly. Find below some of the reasons why your children should not attend same-gender schools:

6. It limits your parenting rights


Most of these same-gender schools are boarding houses; this means that your children grow up basically in this setting. If you are stern parent who is a disciplinarian, your children may display a different behavior when they are at home with you.

This makes it very difficult for you to correct them when they are still young. They pick up dirty habits there and you may not be able to curb them. Discussing certain things with them may be weird except you find a way of making them blend with the environment at home.

Children these days are intuitive, they tend to take in their environment and read your expressions before they give you answers.

5.  It is not the societal way

When you send your children to same-gender schools, you are protecting them from the environment in a weird way. We should note that being in that school is just a phase in their lives. They will get out of it and be clueless when it comes to issues that have to do with the opposite gender.

Many of them form the range of students who misbehave in their first year in the universities because they have just tasted freedom. It is a delightful experience for them and they want to explore. At that stage is it really possible to keep the opposite gender in a different class?

4. When they find means to explore their attractiveness


Children are conscious of the fact that they are being locked and caged, they want to know what is going on in the outside world and would always find a means of catching up.

Most of these kids have access to phones where they explore social media pages; they see some of the things being shared there and would want to see more.

Some musical videos are actually not helpful. Your children may be exposed to forbidden magazines and videos while they are locked up in some same-gender school. Worst scenario could be when they pick up habits like self-satisfaction; they find it hard to stop.

3. You change their orientation

Some children despise their parents because they feel they locked them up in some same-gender school for one reason or the other. They grow up having this as their mindset and would always want to make up for the time they spent in school.

Naturally, their level of curiosity is piqued as they would be interested in doing those things they believe made you lock them up. They end up making the greatest mistakes of their lives by doing everything to the extreme.

Why not let them see the world as it is and teach them as they grow rather than placing them in secluded zones?

2. They do not fit in socially

Placing your children in the same-gender school may rob them of their confidence; this applies most to the boys. They may have difficulty approaching ladies and telling them how they feel about them.

There is this social imbalance that most children who attend same-gender school have; it takes a while before they actually blend with the society.

1. Homosexuality  + Their orientation about family is weird

Well you may think putting your child in a same gender school guarantees that he would never engage in sexual intercourse but little do you know that you just might have exposed him to the worse form of it. Direct approach on sexeducation still remains the best. Also Having stayed away from the family at that young age, being independent is being forced on them. They are usually withdrawn when it comes to family issues as they have learnt to stay on their own.

They become dissociated from the family and may become estranged if care is not taken. They form the bulk of people who can afford to leave their families for a long time and not feel the need to check on them.




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